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Hello!! It has been awhile since my last post and blog. Now i am back I’ll have little more free time so I’ll keep up with everything but now with more products and photos of styles, I would like to be created for all of the photos i make and post. Thank you and enjoy the you’re day or a good night!


Again it’s been over at least a month, I’m been slacking a bit with it this, awhile I work on my school, taking pictures for the soft ball team, making shirts and last but not least getting my life together. I try to do the best I can to keep up with it and post much as possible, I am still selling shirts and hoodies but I also offer picture services like I am doing for the school softball team. Until next time I’ll keep an update and with the post and T-shirts !   


So it’s been awhile I don’t know why I post my blog at the bottom of the page when it should be on top but I am sorry for the delay I haven’t been on and I have a lot I’m dealing with but I will be posting more and I have my social media too so you can go and follow me and I am still selling my shirts and hoodies as well I’ll keep this updated as much as possible. Thank you for the support and have a great day!!



Last week Friday, i been trying to find a model to post on my Instagram and maybe my website. Because no doesn’t wanna see the same guy all the time, right? so i wanted to do something different, anything will do just to inspire people or make it batter like epic. So if you are someone with an idea or a thought you like to say or you wanna be a model and advertise my page and my company, please message me with the information at the bottom of the page, @ Instagram or my number. Or to comment there’s a comment sections to.


A week after i made my shirt to advertise my  business, a good friend gave me the spark that will help me while i make a profit for  a bit, so if making shirts that advertise my business. shirts will be out and ready on Monday of next week from now they will be $5 with my logo on it OR if you want you’re own logo it will be $15. My shirts are short selves shirts, there are men and women sizes. Also their will be hats but it’s an idea for now. If you want a shirt please text this number (931)-542-7743 and text  “photo shirts” that will let me know you are a customer or Message me on Instagram @ph0t0hipster    


I am selling my new and improve shirts that advertise my business of photography. Shirts will be $7.00 their are two different colors green & blue with my name “photohipster” TM. Sizes are from Small to X-large for adults and teens, also easy to wash. theirs will be different types models that  will show what my products looks like.

If you’re interested about my product or need more information you can reach me through Instagram @ph0t0hipster or text “Hipster shirts”  to (931)-542-7743.


Few weeks has gone by my products of shirts has be slowly decreasing of shirts that are being sold, but it’s also because I’ve been lacking of work and sleep but mostly time, so much to do but so little time. I’m trying to  keep up with the constant update and keep this business going in any way possible. Again more shirts are one the way and new pictures of models and  my bad-ass shirt and also in the process of making other people customize shirt. if  you are interested in being a model and advertise my company or be apart of the group that can help me and my company for examples: video editor/extra camera person/modeling!! Please contact me  soon as possible.


New update!! i made NEW AND IMPROVED SHIRTS, soon for a limited Time only A glow in the dark shirts!!!  EX: But wait there’s more !!! Now there’s white on black shirts and then A new color is red and white. Hoodies are coming  soon !! in white or black or pink !!?  what’s you’re thoughts/what would you like to see ??